ICM Corp CPLCRBC-Y Double/Radial Bubble Compression Tool


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This part has been replaced with BEL-CPLCRBC-BR

ICM Corp CPLCRBC-Y Radial Double Bubble Compression Tool

Please Note

*Use Only with ICM Double Bubble Compression Connectors*

ICM Corp CPLCRBC (Yellow) Radial Double Bubble Compression Tool

ICM Corp's Double Bubble connectors create two 360 degree compression connections, one exterior and one interior, providing a permanent double bubble connection. The Double Bubble connector system offers connectors for both plenum and non-plenum cable. Connectors available in RCA, BNC and F type connectors for Standard RG59, RG6 and Mini coax cable.

  • Creates two 360 degree compression connections for better seal
  • Provides superior protection against moisture
  • Compression tool can crimp a full line of BNC, RCA and F-type connectors
  • This tool is designed to work with ICM's full line of Double Bubble 360 Compression Connectors
  • ICM-CPLCRBC requires no adjustments and is ready to use out of box.
  • Tool works with RG59, RG6, Security Coax Cable and Mini Coax cable.
  • Made in the USA

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  • Use With : RG59, RG6, Security Coax Cable, and Mini Coax Cable
  • Connector Types : RCA, BNC, F-Type Connectors
  • Works With : ICM's full line of Double Bubble 360 Compression Connectors
  • Weight : 1.25 lbs
  • Dimensions : 7" x 2.75" x 1"

Patented Non-Blind Entry

  • ICM's patented floating pin and non-blind entry design allow installers to see when the wire is set in the pin before compressing the connector.
  • Non-Blind Entry allows installer to see the center conductor entering the connector at the base of the connector.
  • Pin prongs are open for non-blind entry and easy insertion of the center conductor.
  • Once the center conductor is inserted and pushed into the connector body, the plastic guide slides back and compresses the pin onto the center conductor making a 360 degree conical compression on the center conductor.

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