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The VB31PT UTP Video Balun Transceiver is a passive device with pigtail coax and a male BNC for twisted pair CCTV video transmission operating with either other passive video baluns, transceivers or active receivers.

The VB31PT UTP video balun transceiver provides a low cost means of sending live video over unshielded twisted pair, point-to-point wiring for distances of up to 750 feet (225 meters) with other CCTV balun transceivers, up to 1,500 feet (450 meters) with the TR515 single channel receiver and model 51 series hubs, and up to 3,000 feet (900 meters) with the TR560 single channel receiver and model 56 Series hubs. The VB31PT is compatible with all the "up-the-coax" control systems. A basic system uses (2) video balun transceivers, one at each end of a twisted pair of wires.

These UTP Video Products are intended for use over existing in-house telephone wiring, Category 5 wiring or other twisted pair cable runs to provide a convenient, cost effective alternative to coax. The VB31PT provides superior noise and interference immunity even when running next to line power. This UTP transceiver provides another Security Transmission Solution from Nitek.


  • Quality video over ordinary twisted pair cable

  • Immunity to noise and interference

  • Passive devices - do not require power

  • Video & P/T/Z over a single pair (with up-the-coax systems)

  • Mini-coax pigtail for in-camera or dome mounting

  • Weatherproof design

  • Easier to install than coax

  • Compatible with all twisted pair equipped cameras, enclosures and domes


  • Intra-building CCTV installations (instead of coaxial cable)

  • Structured cabling (Cat 5) environments

  • To eliminate requirement for Plenum Coax

  • Multi-camera applications through conduit (more cameras through a smaller diameter)

Wire and Cable Recommendations

The VB31PT is recommended for use with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring. The systems will operate over wire gauges from 26 AWG through 12 AWG. Category 2, 3, 4 or 5 cable may be used. Individually shielded pairs should be avoided, as they drastically reduce the operating range of the systems. Multi-pair cable with an overall shield is acceptable. Video can be operated in the same communication cable coexistent with telephone, computer, control signals, power voltages and other video signals. While video may be routed through telephone punch-down block terminals, any bridge-taps, also called T-taps and any resistive, capacitive or inductive devices MUST BE removed from the pair.

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