1000ft RG59/U Coaxial Cable 100% Copper Core, 95% Shield


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Bulk CCTV Coaxial Cable is perfect for any surveillance installation.

1,000ft Coaxial RG59 CCTV Cable 95% Braid Copper Shield ETL Listed - Black

Our bulk rg59 cctv cable comes in a convenient Easy to Use Pull Box.

This is the perfect coaxial cable for cctv installations. This is standard rg59u 75 ohm coaxial cable with a 95% Copper Braid and 100% Copper Core.

This cable is RG59/u, and does not include the 18/2 power cable.

If you require runs of cable greater than 500 ft., it is recommended to use RG6 instead.

RG59 coaxial cable is the most cost efficient, easily maintained, and most reliable means of connecting analog cameras and equipment in a cctv system. This rg59 coax cable for cctv use consists of a center core of 100% copper and a 95% coverage woven copper Braid Shield with a dielectric insulator in between.

Coaxial Cable Makeup

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