B.E.S. Foldable Drill Bit Steering Guide


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B.E.S. Foldable Drill Bit Steering Guide

This tool is recommended for better control of all Piranhabits. Simply unfold the guide and use it to bend the Piranhabit in the direction you wish to drill. This keeps the bit steady and allows you to drill holes at a different angle than the drill is facing. It's perfect for drilling through top and bottom plates and studs while only needing to make a single small opening in the drywall.

The steering guide has a folding design which makes it easy to carry and store. In its folded postion it occupies less space than a hack saw.

The B.E.S. Drywall Protector Plate can be used in conjunction with the steering guide to protect the edges of your drywall from accidental damage.

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