B.E.S. PCF207 - 6 Foot Coated Fiberfish II Kit - 30 Feet Total


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B.E.S. PCF208 - 6' Coated Fiberfish II Kit - 30 Feet Total

6' Length - 3/16" Diameter - 5 Rods plus Carrying Case

  • Non-Conductive Fiberglass Rods
  • Rods can be screwed together to make them longer
  • Perfect for fishing wire in existing walls, attics, or across drop ceilings
  • Compatible with a variety of attachments
  • Bullnose pulling tips included, other attachments sold separately
  • Makes fishing wire easy!


  • 1 Rod with Bullnose / Female ends
  • 4 Rods with Male / Female ends
  • 1 Wire Pulling Tip

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