BES-SCD1218 Screw Drill Bit 1/2" x 18"


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 A Quicker and Easier way to drill holes and pull wire through walls

• Screw Tip grabs onto the inside of wire jacket - no need for tape or

stripping wire

• Screw Drill pulls the wire through a smaller hole

• Works on interior or exterior walls

• Available with HSS or Carbide Drill Bit with Screw Tip on the other end
Made in the USA

• One Year Warranty on Manufacturers Defects


Bit Material: Premium M2 Grade High Speed Steel (HSS)
Shaft Material: Spring Steel
Drill Style: Fractional
Flute: Fast Spiral
Shaft Diameter: 5/16"
Cutting Tip: 118 Degree
Hex End: 5/16"
Finish: Bright
Screw tip: 8/32" Thread

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