Nitek IP1054 Single Channel PoE Inserter

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Single Port PoE Plus Power Inserter-Injector

Single Channel PoE Inserter - 15.4 and 25.5 Watts

The IP1054 PoE Plus Inserter, single port power over Ethernet inserter is another addition to the industrial networking solutions offered by Nitek. The IP1054 PoE Injector accepts data transmission from the network, while connecting to the IP device transmitting power over Ethernet and network data. The IP1054 PoE Inserter-Injector works by supplying power to the remote device on the unused Ethernet pins 4,5(V+) and 7,8 (V-) and supports the IEEE802.3at specifications of 100 meters, 54VDC @ 800mA. The IP1054 has a variable input auto switching power supply which allows for input voltage ranging from 100-240V 50/60Hz. The IP1054 has various levels of protection from surges, short circuits and overloads which makes the IP1054 a reliable choice even in the toughest of conditions.


  • Remotely power IP devices through network cable up to 100m
  • Short circuit, over current and over voltage protection
  • Supports IEEE802.3af (15.4w) and IEEE802.3at (25.5w)
  • Variable power input 100-240V
  • Built in Ethernet and PoE surge protection

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