Nitek IPPTR12 Multi Port Surge Protection Unit


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  • IP Network Multi-Port Surge Protection Unit. 12 Ports to protect IP Cameras and Network devices.
  • Fits Standard 19" Rack Cabinet

IP Network Multi-Port Surge Protection Unit - 12 Ports

The IPPTR12 IP Network Multi-Port Surge Protection Unit is designed to provide 12 ports of multi-stage network surge protection to protect IP cameras and other network devices. The IPPTR12 Network Surge Protection System is cost-effective and ideally suited for protecting multi-input devices such as a network hubs, NVR's, or groups of IP cameras or servers. The IPPTR12 IP camera and NVR surge protector can be rack mounted in a standard 19" rack. The unit installs in minutes and provides a single easy access point for grounding. The IPPTR12 IP network multi-port surge protection unit worke with PoE and non-PoE 10/100 equipment.


  • Provides 12 channels of surge protection
  • Works with PoE and non-PoE 10/100 equipment
  • Fits standard 19" rack cabinets
  • Easy to install

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