Nitek UTPSYS16 - 16 Port Video Power and Data Distribution System


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  • 16 Port Video, Power and Data Distribution Unit

  • Component of the UTPLinks™ System

16 Port Video, Power, and Data Distribution System
( Includes 1 - CX452, 4 - CHM22, and 1 - PS115)

16 channel video, power and data distribution unit. Systems operate with other Nitek UTP video transceivers or any twisted pair equipped camera.

This simple to install rack mounted solution contains sixteen channels of passive video and is integrated with a 28VAC power supply The construction is a modular card cage equipped with [4] CHM22 modular cards. The UTPSYS16 is a system which transmits video, power and data through the UTP cable. The cable terminates with a standard RJ45 networking connector. Nitek recommends a maximum cable distance of 750 feet (225 meters) which may be reduced based on camera power requirements. Video, camera power and data will be separated from the cable at the camera end by a VB31AT or VB43ATF video balun.

The UTPSYS16 provides power and video detection LEDs for easy troubleshooting. Camera ports are individually fused with a self resetting fuse. The UTPSYS16 and the DVR are ready to communicate in a matter of minutes by simply connecting a standard coaxial cable between the BNC video output connectors of the UTPSYS16 product and the DVR.

The systems can also adapt to existing communication and computer network spare pairs or new cable installations. These units provide superior immunity from noise and interference, even when run in common raceways with AC.


  • Provides Class II camera power, P/T/Z distribution and video over a single UTP cable
  • Independently selectable 24VAC-OFF-28VAC with 1.25 Amp max. per channel
  • Each port is individually fused by self resetting PLC fuses
  • Expandable - additional cards can be added for future expansion
  • LED indicators for power and P/T/Z data
  • Standard datacom structured cabling pinouts TIA/EIA 568B using RJ45 connectors.
  • Class II UL certified

Wire and Cable Recommendations

On horizontal runs with fixed cameras category 5 or better; 22 AWG or 24 AWG. For P/T/Z camera category 5 or better; 22 AWG is recommended. In the case of backbone cable 24 AWG category 3 or better is recommended. Multi-pair cable with an overall shield is acceptable. While signals may be routed through 66 blocks or 110 blocks, any bridge-taps, also called T-taps and any resistive, capacitive or inductive devices MUST BE removed from the pair.

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