Platinum Tools BongoTies 19501 10/Bag.

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Platinum Tools BongoTies. 10/Bag.

Handy ties for cables and other unruly items, BongoTies have unlimited uses. Simple, durable and made of high-quality, heavy gauge natural rubber and bamboo. The patented design allows for quick, secure, button-type fastening. Wrap a BongoTie around twice for small jobs or attach several ties together to secure large bundles. So simple, yet so effective!

  • Easy to apply - Easy to remove
  • Sturdy, professional quality
  • Patented button-type design for a positive secure closure
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Versatile - stretches to approx. 24
  • Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials- heavy gauge, natural rubber and bamboo


  • Cords and cables
  • Electronics and IT
  • Hardware & houseware
  • Office & Industrial
  • Outdoor sports
  • Travel

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