Triplett CPK1000IL2 - RWC & Power Panel Cable and Power Test Kit. (RWC1000K2 + POE1000IL)

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Triplett/Byte Brothers CPK10002 -RWC & Power Panel Cable and Power Test Kit. (RWC1000K2 + POE1000IL)


The Triplett/ByteBrothers CPK1000IL2 Cable and Power Test Kit combines the high performance Real World Certifier (with 250 report storage) with a Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM Tester to thoroughly test cables and devices plus determine exactly what is on your CAT 5/6 network. And, if you work with PoE, you can test for voltage and operation of your PoE voltage source. The RWC1000K2 Real World Certifier is the ideal tester for UTP Cables and LAN devices and performs all standard cable tests, including cable propagation delay, skew, attenuation, cable verification, opens, shorts, split pairs, and splits distance The RWC1000K2 performs real speed tests on cables, switches, hubs, and PCs; it furthermore carries out basic testing for coax cables. In addition, the RWC1000K2 allows for cable "typing" (CAT 3, 5, 5E, 6) and displays easy-to-read graphs of test results. Test results may be stored for later printing. The included POE1000IL Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM Tester is the perfect tool for detecting active network devices, power for VoIP phones, IP cameras and other devices on RJ45 jacks and cables. Once connected, the POE1000IL Power Panel goes to work scanning each pin on a connector and displaying both the activity and the pair location. Whether it be network devices, phones or Power over Ethernet, all is displayed. And, if you are a VoIP phone of IP camera installer, you will find the Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM particularly useful, because you will know if there is power and a data pair available for your equipment - exactly what you need to make you device operate. In addition, the POE1000IL Power Panel has the ability to connect between two devices ("inline"). Inline connections allow passing PoE power to the device monitoring the device while it is on. In addition, when placed inline between two devices, the power draw of the device can be measured in watts. Too much power draw is the number one reason for IP/PoE network failure.



  • Quickly test cables with the RWC digital test (CAT5, 5e, 6). It looks at both mechanical and speed parameters; port testing includes both advertised and negotiated speeds
  • The Power Panel displays voltage/activity on your cable pairs; device type (PoE/Switch/NIC); phone connected (DSL Model, AVAIL); voltage level (POTS and PoE)
  • Force a LAN device to speak; Simulate a PoE device; Compatible with IEEE and Cisco standards
  • Includes Remote Unit (RWC1000R), (2) Cat 6 Patch Cables, (2) RJ45/coax adapters, (6') Printer/PC cable, 1 hour Welcome DVD, Protective zipper case, and (3) 9V Batteries. 1 year warranty.
60 micro gold plated 3 prong connector pin
CSA LL64151-C
UL E132276-C
IEC 61935-2:2010
ETL Verified

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